Editorial Board of Advances in Psoriasis and Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Editorial Board

Clinical Editors
Robert Gniadecki
Copenhagen University Hospital,
Copenhagen, Denmark

Lars Iversen
Århus University Hospital,
Århus, Denmark

Bing Thio
Erasmus Medical Centre,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Editorial Advisory Board
Fabio Ayala
University of Naples,
Naples, Italy

Jennifer Cather
Baylor University Medical Center,
Dallas, TX, USA

Knud Kragballe [link]
Århus University Hospital,
Århus, Denmark

Luigi Naldi [link]
Ospedali Riuniti Bergamo,
Bergamo, Italy

Errol Prens
University Medical Centre Rotterdam,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Marcus Schmitt-Egenolf [link]
Umeå University,
Umeå, Sweden

Peter van der Kerkhof [link]
University Hospital,
Nijmegan, The Netherlands


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