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Maintenance Treatment of Postoperative Crohn’s Disease

Jana G Hashash, MD1, María Jesús Ruiz Barcia, MD2, and Miguel D Regueiro, MD1

The majority of Crohn’s disease patients will undergo a surgical resection for a complication at some point in their lifetime. A surgical resection treats the complication but is not a cure and Crohn’s disease recurrence is common. The goals of postoperative Crohn’s disease management are to prevent recurrence and avoid future surgery. Medications that may be effective at preventing postoperative recurrence include immunomodulators, anti-tumor necrosis factor agents, and antibiotics. Whether initiating medications in the immediate postoperative setting for prevention of recurrence is a better strategy than waiting for a Crohn’s disease relapse is not known. Certain risk factors for postoperative Crohn’s disease recurrence may influence management decisions. Inflamm Bowel Dis Monit 2013;13(4):135–42.

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