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Treatment Strategies

Neoh CF, Liew D, Slavin M et al. J Antimicrob Chemother 2011;66:1906–15.

Anidulafungin is effective in the treatment of invasive candidiasis, although given that this drug is more expensive than the traditional comparator, fluconazole, it is not clear whether anidulafungin use will be cost-effective. In the Australian health system setting, anidulafugin incurs a higher cost compared with fluconazole. However, when factoring in the mortality advantage offered by anidulafugin, the latter drug appears to be a cost-effective treatment.


There has been a recent change in the practice of invasive candidiasis (IC) management, with echinocandins now considered the treatment of choice. However, echinocandins are more expensive than fluconazole, which is the traditional comparator. This study aimed to determine whether anidulafungin is a cost-effective option for treating IC in the Australian health system, using data from a major randomized clinical trial that compared anidulafungin with fluconazole therapy [1].

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